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Small but Strong Company  Bizbuddy

​IoT based DEVICE &
SERVICE Development

Bizbuddy is a startup with IoT-based device and service development capabilities established in 2016.  

- IoT-based device development - IoT-based service development - Digital exhibition experience

digital marketing


Media Facade Connection

VR video control solution 

automatic entrance,

Smartvill service

Samsung store application,

Galaxy Keeper

Main Service

Bizbuddy was the main business in the early days of digital exhibition/experience and WEB &  Beyond the APP service field, the
'Smart City' and ' Galaxy Keeper' services​ We want to grow into a new strong player in the field of IoT Device / Tech-based service development

Smart City

​스마트 시티

bluetooth based,
Common entrance
automatic signage

Recognition of access to common entrance
automatic elevator call

Child access notification, visiting vehicle registration
Convenience services such as notice to the management office

Divice Lock

without network
Solution operation

Divice  in kind
​ Apply the solution regardless

Galaxy Keeper

​Galaxy Keeper


Business Areas


Supply of system integration services such as personnel access, vehicle access, and CCTV necessary for apartment houses / 
Developed and developed Bluetooth automatic access to common entrances
apartment complex application

Digital Exhibition & Experience

Digital technology convergence such as AR/VR and sensors
Establishment of exhibition/experience space & provide management solution

Web & App Development

General website and shopping mall construction

web design

App development

WEB Service Management

Planning/operation management of 4 services including ticket sales, rental management, and medical mediation service

wat we do

We dream of the future and open up possibilities.

Our Clients

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