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Smart Ville

Smart Ville is a security service for automatic door opening and closing of common entrances.  After installing the app, you only need to confirm the resident registration

It is a technology that enables IoT service even in existing apartments , not in newly built apartments, as a service that opens the front door by simply holding a smartphone without touching the keypad when entering the common entrance and automatically calls the elevator. 

​Smart Ville Driving Demonstration Video

smart home service

  • Bluetooth signal system of mobile phone with app installed
    Automatic opening and closing of common entrance doors only by detection

  • Building a security system based on user authentication

  • Easily applicable to building apartments

Untact Technology

  • ​As shown in the demonstration driving video above, the common entrance keypad
    Touch-free opening and closing method 
    Suitable for a pandemic era such as COVID-19
    ​ Technology with high future value

Community extensibility

  • By installing the Smart Ville Home app 
    Neighbors identified as residents Communication platform operation possible

  • Public notice as well as digital neighborhood associations, community sharing  Joint purchase, second-hand transaction, etc.
    Service expansion operation possible with platform

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