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Smart City

System development work and already applied IOT service for common areas of apartment buildings centered on existing apartments
We promote smart cityization of old apartment houses by integrating (person access, vehicle access, CCTV, electric vehicle charging) .

Service overview

When approaching within 3m 
Automatic opening and closing of common entrance

Mobile phone application based (Bluetooth recognition)
​ Authenticate household members and automatically open and close the common entrance door, 
Visitor Registration /  Entry/exit record management / security reinforcement 


When entering the common entrance
automatic elevator call

Recognition of common entrance entrance signal, 
Elevator automatic call (reducing waiting time and minimizing contact)

※ Depending on the structure of the elevator facility, the service 
It might be impossible.

Child Access Notification

of children designated through household member registration
Notification service provided upon confirmation of access to the common entrance


학교 갈 준비

Visiting vehicle registration and departure management

Linkage with partner's parking management facilities, 
Automatic opening of the parking breaker when registering a visiting vehicle reservation

​Application examples

※ Only representative cases among the applied apartments are summarized. 


Seongsu-dong Lotte Castle Park

​Cheongju Jangja Village Hyundai I-Park

Gwangju Baekun-dong Hyundai Apartment

Gwangju Geumho-dong Jongwon Palace

Vehicle related services

  • Parking Locator Service 

  • Public electric vehicle charging reservation management service  

  • Idle space valet parking service

Resident community service

  • Second-hand transaction and joint purchase service between residents

  • Carpooling service between residents

  • Residents online community service 

Additional services for convenience of residents

  • Interlocking CCTV and courier service

  • Intercom link 

  • Elevator call in household

  • Main-related convenience services such as self-gas meter reading

scalable service

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